If you've got an eye for detail and love the romance behind planning the perfect wedding, you might want to consider starting a wedding planning business. It's definitely lucrative. An average wedding planner can rake in anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 a year, with some of the higher-end wedding planners raking in approximately $10,000 for each wedding they plan. You might not have enough capital to purchase all of the equipment, and even if you do, you might not have the space needed to store it. Here are three kinds of rental equipment you can easily rent if you are planning an outdoor wedding and wedding reception.

Stages and Dance Floors to Get the Party Started

No wedding would be complete without the wedding dance. This is one of the most cheesy moments of the night for the father-daughter or mother-son dance, and one of the most romantic moments as the groom first holds the bride close to a slow song. Dancing outdoors on the grass is almost impossible, especially for all of the lady guests wearing heels. 

You definitely need to rent a stage or a dance floor for everyone to get their groove on. Hardwood dance floors are generally preferred for outdoor weddings, as they tend to be the sturdiest. The size of the dance floor or stage needed will depend on how many guests are invited. Generally speaking, you want to get a larger dance floor, so everyone has sufficient room to move around. 

Portable Bars to Keep the Drinks Going

There's a good chance that the bride and the groom will want to have an open bar in celebration of their wedding. You definitely do not want the guests to serve themselves, as this can lead to chaos fast. Instead, the wise thing to do is to hire a bartender, as he or she will be able to cut guests off if they are too intoxicated. Most bartenders only offer their services, and will not show up with a portable bar equipped with different types of drinks and beverages. This part of the planning will solely be your responsibility. 

There are many portable bars that can be rented. These bars not only have taps attached to them, but will also have all of the tools and equipment that the bartender needs. Some of these portable bars look very fancy, and can easily make the wedding appear a lot more luxurious and extravagant. Make sure you choose portable bars that have wheels at the bottom, so that they can be easily moved. 

Tables and Chairs for the Wedding Reception

Having the right furniture is important. The tables, chairs and linen are definitely supplies that you should rent instead of buy. By renting the tables and chairs, you won't have to account for the whereabouts of each piece of furniture before and after every wedding, and you also won't have to find storage space for them. You'll be able to offer a lot more varieties to the bride and the groom. They can choose between different designs and sizes based on the theme of their wedding or the amount of guests they have invited.


There are plenty of rental companies that will have all of the wedding supplies you'll need, click here to find out more.  Not only will some deliver the equipment, but they will also generally help you pack up the equipment at the end of the event. This will save you a lot of time and effort. If you are serious about your business and looking to score amazing deals, you might want to consider working out a long-term contract or a deal with the rental company in order to enjoy even more incentives.