Parents often plan crafts and traditions years in advance to create great memories and moments for their children to look back on. These types of traditions can also be applied to annual costumes that an infant wears. By planning out an evolution of costumes, you can create great themes that the child grows in. When images are placed together, the child can view this theme and see how much they have changed while growing up. Browse through the following four evolving costume themes and see which one can fit your child for Halloween and other occasions.

The Evolution of a Chicken

Children are often dressed up as small animals for Halloween and other events. Take things one step further by allocating three years to the evolution of a chicken costume design. During the infant years, you can dress your baby up as a small egg costume. These costumes are simple in design and look cute when little arms and legs are poking out of the egg shells.

For the second year, you can upgrade the costume to a fuzzy yellow chick. These types of costumes are warm, vibrant, and great for children aged 3 to 5. Following the chick costume, you can reach the final design with a full chicken costume. Costumes are designed with all types of features, including real feathers and rubber chicken feet. As children get older, they can have a lot of fun clucking around and attending various costume parties in the outfit.

The Transformation of a Caterpillar

For another animal, the transformation of a caterpillar is a great way to showcase how your child is transforming and growing up. When your child is an infant, you can find all types of caterpillar costumes featuring different colors and features like a hood with antennas on it. A year later, the child can wear a butterfly costume to fully evolve and show how they have grown. The theme is a great way to show off vibrant colors and costume ideas.

The Evolution of Count Dracula

Dracula was not just born as a horrific monster. As seen through various novels and movies, he has a long history with many different incarnations. To showcase the evolution of Dracula, you can pick out three different costumes for your child as they grow up.

The first costume is Dracula's smallest form – a bat. An infant bat costume is a cute design that can feature flexible wings and a hood with ears built into it. As your child grows, they can wear a costume to transform into a Prince of Darkness. The second vampire costume should be a basic one, with a dress shirt, slicked back hair, and some sharp teeth. When the child is five years old, you can complete the evolving costume design with a true Count Dracula costume. This includes a large cape, white face paint, and a gold chain with a symbol on it.

Russian Nesting Dolls

Showcase how much your child has grown each year by turning their annual costume into evolving Russian nesting dolls. These toys open up and feature a doll within a doll. When spread out on display, the dolls range in size from smallest to largest. By using annual pictures of your child, you can use a photo editor to create a similar design.

For each costume, you should dress your child similar to nesting doll designs. This includes lavish fabrics, costume jewelry, and accessories like scarves or head covers. Each year, you can add new accessories to make the costume stand out. After five years or more, you can start putting together the images to see how the child has grown within the costume designs.

Waiting multiple years to choose costumes may seem like a long time, but when you plan ahead, you can have all the costumes ready and make it an easy task when the time rolls around. Check out a store like Easley's Fun Shop for more great ideas.