If you are working on getting your concealed carry permit, you are going to need a concealed carry holster for your gun once you get your permit. When looking for a concealed carry holster, you want to look for one that easily removable, covers the trigger guard and safety, and has a reinforced throat.

#1 Removable

The first thing you want is to find a holster that you can easily attach to your body. You want it to be able to easily attach the holster to your clothing and easily take it off if you decide you don't want to wear it. You need to be able to easily put the holster on when you need to carry your gun and take it off when you don't want to carry your weapon or are entering a situation where you don't feel you should be carrying your weapon.

#2 Covers Trigger Guard & Safety

When you examine the holster, it should be designed so that the trigger guard is completely covered. The material should be ridge so that if something were to press against your holster, the trigger could not be depressed. There should be no material inside of the holster that would stick out within the holster and potentially activate the holster.

Next, check and see if the holster would require you to turn the safety off on your gun. You should stay away from holsters that require the safety on the gun to be off in order for the gun to properly fit. You want to keep the safety on. Having the safety on protects you from accidental discharge or from your gun being discharged in a struggle. An experienced gun owner knows how to flip the safety off quickly enough to still use their weapon for protection and doesn't need a holster that takes away the protection of the safety mechanism on their gun.

#3 Reinforced Throat

Finally, make sure that the holster you are interested in has a reinforced throat or opening. The opening of the holster should be rigid. It should stay open when you remove the gun from the holster. With a rigid holster, you will be able to pull the gun out and re-holster it with one hand. This can be vitally important in an emergency situation when you need your other hand free. A non-ridge throat or mouth of the holster requires you to use two hands to put your gun back in the holster and limits your ability to protect yourself or whatever else you may need to do with your other hand.

When you go shopping for a holster once you get your concealed weapon permit, be sure to pick a holster that is sturdy, will not compromise your safety, and is easy to put on. 

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