Being married to someone is worth celebrating. Every year, on your anniversary, you get the opportunity to celebrate your spouse and your union. With these tips, each anniversary can be memorable.

Get an Anniversary Bouquet

A beautiful flower bouquet is one way to start a great anniversary day. Flowers have been symbols of affection for centuries, and commemorating your special day with them is appropriate. However, before running off to get a dozen red roses, you might want to explore other options. Peonies can be a gorgeous departure from roses, as they too conjure romantic, passionate feelings. Consider choosing flowers that tie in to your anniversary year. For instance, third anniversaries are typically celebrated with sunflowers, while the eighth anniversary is often commemorated with lilacs.

You can also just stick to their personal favorites; if they love roses, by all mean assemble a banquet full of them. If they love the color blue, by all means work with a florist to arrange violets, bluebells and other appropriate accents.

Of course, one bouquet may not seem like enough flowers. If that's the case, you may want to think about multiple bouquets of different types to fill a room as a breathtaking anniversary surprise.

Return to the Past

Another way you can make an anniversary special is to return to the beginning of your relationship. What song was number one on all the pop charts when you met? Where did you go on your first date? All of these questions can help evoke the passion you felt when you first met your spouse. You might opt to recreate that first date; even if you can't make it back to the right physical location, you can recreate the atmosphere in your own home with music, movies and even old outfits.

Get Away

After being together for a while, you may have children or jobs you're passionate about. To make the anniversary special, you might need to get away from all that so you can focus on each other. Book a hotel stay in the closest city or spend an afternoon together on a boat. By making special time for the two of you, you can remember why your spouse is the one you've chosen to be with.

With these anniversary suggestions, your spouse will be delighted. Talk with them about additional touches and plans they may enjoy on the special day you share. For more information, visit a website such as