If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes to work with all of your summer outfits, consider picking up a pair of light brown Pali Hawaii Jesus jandals. Made from a soft, rubber material that is reminiscent of cork, jandals are designed to slide onto the foot easily and mimic the look of leather, allowing them to mesh easily with a large variety of outfits. However, here are three outfits that will pair perfectly with your first pair of jandals. 

1. Rolled Up Jeans and a White T-Shirt

Early summer can often yield cooler mornings and slightly chilly evenings, which is why wearing a pair of rolled up jeans is a perfect choice. In the morning, you can leave pants rolled down to give you a little more coverage, and in the warmer afternoons, you can roll pants up a few notches to cool off your feet and legs, while also showing off your jandals. 

Pair your rolled up jeans with a simple white t-shirt, and don't be shy about tucking it in, tying the corner into a knot, or wearing a shirt a few sizes larger than you need to let it drape off your shoulder to create a more relaxed look. 

2. Bermuda Shorts and a Breezy Blouse

On a hot summer's day, you need a pair of shorts to help to keep you cool. While short shorts are perfect for blazing days, Bermuda shorts, which are typically longer, can help to keep you comfortable while you enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. Pair your Bermuda shorts with your jandals and a breezy printed blouse, and consider adding light jewelry such as a few bangles or a tassel necklace. 

3. Maxi Skirt and a Tank Top

While jandals can be the star of the show when you wear shorts and rolled up jeans, they also complement more dressed-up outfits, such as the addition of a maxi shirt and a simple tank. Choose a maxi skirt that gently brushes the tops of your feet or consider tying the side to show off more of your feet and ankles. 

Choose an anchor color from the maxi skirt, and wear a tank of the corresponding shade. For instance, if you are wearing a printed floral maxi skirt on a navy background, a white or navy tank will mesh perfectly with the look without detracting from the relaxed, island vibe of your outfit. 

To find your ideal pair of jandals, turn to Hawaiian apparel stores. In addition to having a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, you can also find other sandal styles for the entire family.