Maxi dresses — those long and flowing dresses that have grown so popular in recent years — are very comfortable. They can be very stylish, too, if you know how to wear them right! Here are some tips to help you wear your maxi dress more stylishly.

Choose the right dress for your body shape.

Maxi dresses might look like they are all a simple, long, flowing shape, but actually, they come in a few different shapes. It's important to choose one that is compatible with your own body shape. If you have generous curves, you may want an A-line dress, which will make your figure look less pronounced. If you are bigger on top than on bottom, then a dress with a straight cut would work well -- maybe one with a baby doll waistline. If you are pretty straight up and down, then a maxi dress with some gathering at the waist can give you some more shapeliness.

Choose shoes with the right height heels.

The maxi dress should be just barely off the floor when you walk. You want to just be able to see your toes pointing out from the front of it. So depending on your own height and the length of the dress, you may need to wear 2" heels -- or you may need flats! When trying on maxi dresses to buy, wear the shoes you intend to wear with the dress so you can choose a dress of the right length.

Add a jacket to make it classy.

If you're just going to be running errands around town or going to a friend's party, then the dress is classy enough on its own. However, if you want to wear the dress to work or a more formal gathering, you can layer a jacket over it for a more fashionable, somewhat upscale look. A simple black or white cardigan can do the trick, especially with a patterned maxi dress that's pretty loud itself.

Go with relaxed, casual jewelry.

Diamonds and other fancy gem stones tend to look too dressy with a maxi dress. You'll look more put-together if you choose costume jewelry made with colorful beads and the like. The exception would be if your maxi dress already has some fancy embellishments. For example, if it has pearls as accents, wearing a pearl necklace with it could tie your look together really nicely.

With those tips, whether you are wearing a bright colored or cream color lace pearl detail maxi dress, you will be able to pull it off without a problem.