If your business needs to have a new commercial carpet installation completed, you need to decide how you want it done. There are two primary installation methods to choose from for your new commercial carpet.

Glued Directly to the Floor

There are two different ways to install commercial carpet. You can install the carpet directly onto the floor. With this installation style, the carpet is applied over the top of your existing floor structure, whatever that may be. The carpet can be installed on top of cement, or on top of an old vinyl flooring.

To install the carpet, a strong industrial glue is used to attach the carpet directly to the ground. This installation method makes imperfections in your flooring more obvious. For example, if you have a dip in the floor, it will stand out with this installation option.

Gluing the carpet directly to the floor is great if you have to wheel things over the carpet on a regular basis, such as dolly's, or if you have a lot of office chairs that are used in that area. This method is also great for installing carpets on ramps.

The downside to this installation method is that the carpet is not as durable when installed this way and will not last for as long. Your carpet will also not be well insulated and it will not contribute to the energy-efficiency of your business.

Padding & Then Carpet

The second way to have your commercial carpet installed is the padded method. With this method, carpet padding is put down first. You can put down some thin carpet padding, or you can put down some extra-thick carpet padding. The thicker the carpet padding, the softer the carpet will feel under your feet and the more insulation the carpet will provide.

This installation method makes the carpet more durable. The carpet will last longer when there is a carpet pad installed under it and the carpet is not installed directly on top of the existing floor. Using a carpet pad will also make standing and walking on the carpet feel more comfortable. Most carpets in residential buildings are installed using this installation method.

When it comes to installing commercial carpet in your building, you can have the carpet glued directly to the floor or you can add padding under the carpet. Carpet glued directly to the floor is best for ramps and areas where the flooring transitions. Padded carpet is best for high-use and high-traffic areas.