When you're about to embark on a trip, you pack everything you need into one or a few bags. The things in those bags are essential. If you lose them, your trip may not be ruined — but you'll certainly be frustrated! Sadly, lots of travelers lose their bags every year, but you do not have to suffer the same fate. Here are a few tips to help you avoid losing your luggage when traveling.

Choose a bag in a unique color.

Almost everyone has brown, black, and navy bags. Yes, they look professional, but when they are riding down the luggage belt, they all look about the same. Someone else may grab your bag, mistaking it for their own, or you might accidentally grab someone else's bag instead of grabbing your own! You can reduce the risk of this happening by choosing luggage in a unique color. Unique does not have to mean crazy and flashy. If you need your luggage to look professional, a deep purple or maroon will stand out without burning anyone's eyes.

Have a large, custom luggage tag made.

Luggage tags are useful for identifying luggage, but only if people bother to read them. If someone else has a similar suitcase to yours, they might grab yours off the belt, assuming it is their own, without even reading the tag. For this reason, the larger your luggage tag is, the better. There are even companies that provide laser engraved luggage tags that you can have stitched to the very front of your luggage. This way, people won't be able to miss the tag as long as they grab the bag by the handle.

Stick with the same carrier if you change flights after checking in.

If you have already checked in at the airport and something happens that results in you having to change your flight, do your best to rebook your flight with the same airline. This is not always possible, but it often is. Sticking with the same airline increases the chances that your bag will make it from the luggage bin for your original plane, into the bin for your new plane. Airlines have better communication within their own ranks than with other airlines when it comes to these things.

Losing your luggage on vacation can throw all of your travel plans off. But with a flashy bag, a custom luggage tag, and careful rebooking, you can reduce your risk of this calamity.