When it comes to graduating, one of the few things you are allowed to customize is your graduation stole. You can create personal customized graduation stole, or you can customize the stole for the entire graduating class or a group of individuals within the class.

Way #1: Choose Meaningful Colors

Your graduation stole doesn't have to be black. Your graduation stole can come in just about any color. When it comes to choosing a color for your graduation stole, you should choose a meaningful color.

For example, for high school graduation, your stole could be in the colors of your school, or if your class has class colors, it could be in the class colors. For college graduation, the color of your stole could match the colors of any important organization that you belong to on campus.

Choose colors that will convey meaning to both you and a large group of people at your graduation ceremony.

Way #2: Add a Border

Your graduation stole doesn't have to be one solid color. Adding a border to your graduation stole can help it really pop and look more official.

 If you decided to add color to your graduation stole, choose a meaningful secondary color, or a color that will coordinate with the primary color on your stole.

You can also have some fun and add a textured border, such as a rope border around your stole or one made from rhinestones.

Way #3: Embroidery or Iron-Applied Images

Finally, you can further customize your stole with embroidered or iron applied symbols. This is a great away to show off the organizations and clubs that you were associated with during your time in school and is a really nice way to really personalize your graduation sash.

For example, you could have symbols for all the sports you participated in embroidered onto your sash, or all the organizations that you were a part of. Or you could have your graduation year put on your sash or your degree.

You could have these symbols and words embroidered onto your sash or ironed onto your sash. You could even pin buttons onto your sash that represent the interests you held while you were in school.

Your graduation sash doesn't have to be plain. You can customize the primary color and boarder of your sash, and you can personal symbols onto your sash to provide it with greater meaning. These can be customizations that everyone you graduate with receives, or everyone in your organization receives, or ones that you apply to your own graduation sash just for yourself.