Choosing the right gift for a child is not always easy. Sometimes, you may be looking for something educational. Other times, you may be looking for something fun. You may find yourself browsing page after page or shelf after shelf of options. But when you come across a giraffe-themed gift — especially a giraffe plushie and children's book set — you should stop shopping around, and buy it! Giraffe plushie and book sets make amazing gifts for kids, and here's why.

Giraffes are really interesting, curious animals.

Most kids are already familiar with dogs and cats. They've probably seen squirrels and birds outside, too. Giraffes, though, are really new and interesting. Most kids find them completely intriguing, especially because of their really long necks, spots, and unique body shape. If you give a child a giraffe gift set, you can pretty much count on them being interested and engaged with the gift. They'll be able to cuddle with the plushie as they read the book and learn about giraffes. This could be the beginning of a life-long interest in giraffes, or even in zoo animals in general.

Giraffes are friendly and non-threatening.

There are some zoo animals that kids might feel intimidating. Bears, for example, are sometimes perceived as scary, as they can bite people. Lions and tigers can be perceived the same way. Even if the plushie is cute and the book depicts the animal as kind, the child may have previous knowledge of these animals that makes getting a gift a little scary. Giraffes, though, are really friendly and non-threatening. The child won't feel afraid when they get a giraffe plushie or look at pictures of a giraffe in a book. They won't feel scared when learning that giraffes eat plants like they might when learning what lions eat.

Giraffe plushies and books can be educational.

Giraffes are not just cute and fun. A book about giraffes, in particular, can be really educational. A child reading the book can learn more about how animals live together in nature. They can learn how different animals are adapted to their surroundings, and how their bodies determine what kinds of foods they eat. 

If you want to give a child an educational gift that they can really enjoy and benefit from, a set that includes a giraffe plushie and book is an excellent choice. You can even buy a set with several books if preferred.