Shungite is a carbon-rich stone that can be used for water purification purposes. This stone is believed to soak up negative energy, increase mental and physical balance, and provide protection from electric and magnetic fields that are emitted from electronic devices. 

Elite Shungite

All shungite stones are composed of carbon molecules and a mixture of other elements that naturally occur in the environment. Shungite that contains a higher concentration of carbon is often referred to as an elite specimen. Elite shungite stones possess a silvery appearance.

Elite products are often unrefined and may contain many jagged edges. Standard shungite products that contain a lower concentration of carbon are often polished. This gives them a smooth surface. A lower level of carbon will result in a stone's surface appearing black. Both standard products and elite ones are used in a variety of applications, including purification, natural healing, and protection.

Products And Applications

Shungite is a mineraloid that does not demonstrate crystallinity. Dealers who sell shungite products may market stones based upon their carbon content and lustrous properties. A series of stones are often sold as a unit. There are also larger products that can be purchased separately.

If a shungite stone is going to be used for personal protection, a small or large elite stone may be utilized as a pendant for a necklace or as a charm for a bracelet. If you plan on using a stone to purify water and may drink water from the same glass that shungite was added to, purchase a relatively large stone. If water purification is going to be conducted within a pitcher or a large container, a large stone or a series of smaller ones can be used.

After purchasing shungite, rinse each stone off and add one to the base of a glass or several to the base of a container that you will be pouring water into. Fill the container with water and wait several minutes. Use a straw to drink a beverage that contains a stone in the bottom of it. Otherwise, pour purified water into an empty glass. After each purification process, rinse and dry each stone. There are no additional sterilization processes necessary to maintain the performance of the shungite.

If you plan on using the shungite for healing or protection purposes, carry a stone inside of your pocket or hold it in the palm of your hand while meditating. Lay a stone in front of any devices that are known to emit high EMF levels.

Contact a supplier of large elite shungite stones to learn more.