If you are looking for ways to remove excessive wax from your ears, then an ear candling kit is one option you should really consider. A kit includes all of the tools needed to light a candle and extract the wax from your ears. Even though a kit provides everything you need, a few extra accessories will help the process and create a smooth routine each time you go to clean out your ears.

Check out the different accessories you may need to buy listed below and how each one improves the ear candle process.

1. Utility Lighters

One of the first steps in the ear candle process is lighting the candle to begin the wax extraction. Many kits will include matches to light the candle, but you may find more success with a utility lighter. Also known as a grill lighter, the accessory includes a long neck that the lighter fluid is fed through.

Unlike a match with limited burn time, you can keep the flame of the utility lighter going for longer. You also do not need to worry about your hand bumping the candle because it will sit far away from the candle and ear.

2. Face Mask

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are that you have a few extra masks available around your home. A mask provides multiple benefits. While ear candling creates minimal smoke, you can help block out smoke from the initial lighter or match with the mask. You do not want to start coughing while you have the candle in your ear.

A face mask will also protect your face when the candle is pulled out. A tray will catch a majority of the excess wax, but some candle wax could drip off when it is removed. A face mask will cover your nose and mouth for extra protection.

3. Neck Pillow

For the ear wax process to work properly, you will need to lay flat on your side. Extended periods of time could cause pains in your neck or shoulders. Stay comfortable during the process with the use of a neck pillow. A neck pillow will keep your neck straight without extra strain on your body.

If you do not have a neck pillow, consider the use of a throw pillow or small cushion.

4. Smart Speaker

Ear candle sessions will vary in time, but you should expect to spend at least 30 minutes for the whole process from start to finish. With limited movements available, you can find forms of entertainment through a smart speaker. Use voice activation to select songs or play interactive games. The process will help the time pass by quickly.

After a few sessions, you will find which accessories work best for your needs and provide the most assistance to the whole process. For more accessory tips, contact an ear candle company, such as Hollow Care Therapeutics, to learn more.