When you shop for a new rug that you'll place in your home, you can expect that the majority of the products you encounter will have a pristine look. There are lots of advantages of buying this type of rug, but it may not always be a good fit in your intended room. If you want the room in question to have a rustic or shabby-chic theme, a pristine rug can appear out of place. Instead, you'll likely want to buy a distressed rug. You've perhaps encountered distressed furniture, but might not yet have seen distressed rugs. Here are some traits of a distressed rug, which you can find at a rug store.

Faded Colors

Whereas a lot of new rugs have deep, rich colors, you can expect that a distressed rug will have faded colors. These rugs are available in many different styles and colors, but regardless of the design, it's common for the colors to appear on the lighter side. This suggests that the rug has been laying on the floor for an extended period of time, causing the colors to fade as a result of sunlight and foot traffic.

Worn Areas

When you place a new rug on your floor and walk across it countless times in the months and years that follow, it can often begin to show signs of wear. Commonly, the path that you usually take across the rug will be flatter or perhaps darker than the other areas of the rug's surface. If you really like having a distressed look in your home, you can find rugs that have worn areas. Although these rugs are new, they'll look as though they've sat on someone's floor for an extended period of time.

Shabby Edges

You may come across some distressed rugs that have edges that are somewhat shabby. In a lot of new rugs, the edges will be perfectly straight. This isn't often the case with distressed rugs. Instead, the edges on some products may appear a little wavy, rather than straight. If a rug has a fringe along the edge, some of the strands in the fringe might be shorter than the others to create a shabby-chic look. Each of these features can help to give the rug a distressed appearance, even though it's new.

Learn more about distressed rugs and shop for the right one for your home at a local rug store.