One thing that can be fun about shopping for jewelry is buying pieces that pertain to one of your areas of interest. While some people wear jewelry with standard shapes and designs, something that depicts a pastime of yours can bring you joy each time you wear it — as well as be a good conversation piece when people see the jewelry on you. If one of your primary pastimes is camping, you may wish to start shopping for some jewelry that pays tribute to this activity. You don't solely have to wear the jewelry on your future camping trips, though. Instead, consider wearing it at other times when you have camping on your mind. Here are some camping-related jewelry pieces that may interest you.


Few symbols are as closely linked with camping as a tent, so you can expect to see all sorts of tent-themed jewelry pieces when you shop online. A pair of earrings in the telltale shape of a tent can be fun to wear. If you want something larger, consider a necklace pendant in the shape of a tent. You'll find tent jewelry in a few colors, including gold and silver, so you can consider what look you prefer and shop accordingly.

Travel Trailer

For some people, a tent doesn't provide the desired level of comfort when camping. You might be the type of person who prefers the luxuries of a travel trailer. If so, you'll want to look for a piece of jewelry that depicts this unique type of trailer. You'll find several examples of jewelry that focus on the recognizable shape of vintage travel trailers, which are known for their curved shape. Necklace pendants are common, but you may gravitate toward a charm that you can hang from your bracelet. If the travel trailer you own has a vintage look, this piece of jewelry may be even more special for you.


One of the things that people enjoy best about camping is making a bonfire and relaxing around it in the evening. If you're one of these individuals, you might like the idea of finding a piece of jewelry that depicts a bonfire. A shape that features a couple of crossed logs and some flames above them pays tribute to this fun part of camping. While many of these designs have standard jewelry colors such as gold and silver, you'll occasionally find others that feature orange and red to make the flames appear more vibrant. Earrings that feature this design are readily available and can be a fun addition to your jewelry collection.