Whether you need to promote an event or a cause you are passionate about, branded products can make a difference in getting your message out to the public. However, not all promotional products are useful, and some may get tossed aside when you hand them out. Knowing which promotional branded products are popular can help you make the greatest impact on your cause or event.

Tee shirts 

You simply cannot go wrong with having tee shirts made to promote your event or cause. Every time someone wears one of your promotional tee shirts, your event or cause is being advertised to the public. Most everyone appreciates having a new tee shirt to wear, which makes them a hot promotional item for your brand or cause.

Travel cups

No matter what people enjoy drinking, travel mugs will always be a favorite promotional item you can count on to get your message out. Like a great tee shirt, travel mugs will continue to promote your cause long after they are given out. They make it easy to take coffee, tea, or a healthy smoothie on the go and your cause or event gets noticed everywhere the mug goes.

Travel cups give you plenty of design options to choose from depending on your budget for promotional items. From stainless steel water bottles to ceramic coffee mugs, you are sure to find something that suits your style.

Tote bags

Who does not appreciate a great tote bag? Adults and kids can use tote bags for carrying supplies to work, school, the gym, or when on vacation. Totes are one of the least expensive promotional branded items to manufacture, which makes them a popular promotional item if you are working on a tight budget.

Wireless mini speakers

Wildly popular, wireless mini speakers are attractive to anyone who owns a cell phone, which is almost everyone. Your logo will get noticed and the recipient will enjoy listening to their favorite playlist from their phone. Mini speakers are easy to transport and will enhance the speaker capacity of any cell phone, which makes it easier to listen to favorite podcasts or watch movies on the go.

If you have ever received a promotional item and tossed it out, you are not alone. You can prevent this from happening when promoting your own event or cause by selecting promotional products that tend to be the most popular. The best promotional items will benefit the recipient and make an impact on your cause.