If you know someone who's always cracking jokes and trying to lighten the mood, you may want to do something humorous or funny when it's time to present them with a birthday gift. However, if you don't consider yourself to have a good sense of humor, it can be tough to think of joke gift ideas. Try these tips.

Know What Offends

First, know what kinds of gifts you should steer clear of. For instance, there are tons of risqué, funny gifts and horror-related joke gifts, but if that's not what your friend is into, it can offend them rather than amuse them. Be sure that you understand where their boundaries are so you don't pick something they not only dislike but are upset by.

Stick with Their Interests

As a starting point, it's usually wise to consider what kinds of topics and activities they enjoy. That way, even if your attempt at a joke gift isn't considered as funny as you'd hoped, it can still be enjoyed because it's related to something they're interested in. For example, if you know that they enjoy a certain sports team that hasn't won in a long time, having a fake trophy made could work.

Do Something Unexpected

Sometimes, the funniest things are funny because they're so unexpected. Perhaps your friend doesn't expect you to ever put on a silly costume and sing a song, so they may find it hilarious if you show up at their party in a dog suit with a song and dance ready to go. If your friend drinks coffee each morning and you plan to get them a mug, try one that makes funny, unexpected noises or is shaped in a ridiculous way.

Ask for Help

If all else fails, you're going to need to call in friends and others who can help. Anyone who knows the person can give you some joke gift ideas that could work. In fact, you don't even need to ask anyone you know personally; the internet can provide lots of opinions about gifts. By frequenting online forums for interests your loved one shares and researching "best of" lists, you can find something that's both unexpected and hilarious.

After trying out these ideas, you should be able to find your friend a joke gift they'll love. Ask retailers about novelty gifts and other presents which will make them smile.

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