The stars in the sky are absolutely breathtaking to look at. So much so in fact that you may want to dedicate an actual star to someone you care about. When you dedicate a star for someone, the recipient gets the following rewards. 

1. Convenient Mobile Viewing 

When the recipient of your star dedication wants to view their star, they can do so with their own mobile app. All they have to do is log in with the personal information that you set up. Then anywhere they have access to a mobile device, they can view their star in the night sky.

Seeing the star will make them feel happy and enable them to remember the special dedication that you made on their behalf. The app that comes with their star dedication is completely free as well, which is makes this whole viewing experience hassle-free.

2. Custom Certificate 

If you want the recipient to have something physical that they can view and look at any time they're needing inspiration, then you can create a custom certificate. It will contain a lot of great information, such as the coordinates of the star you chose. This way, if the recipient ever wants to search for their star online, they'll have the data to do so effectively.

The certificate that you create can also include a personalized message. You can say how special the recipient is to you and explain why you're dedicating a star to them. It's this personal touch that will make their star dedication that much better.

3. Social Media Sharing 

Social media has revolutionized the way people interact online. When positive moments happen, users want to share them with others. Well, star dedicating services enable your recipient to do just that.

Once they receive their star dedication notification in an email, they have the ability to share this wonderful experience on their social media accounts. They can thus show friends and family how special this experience is that you provided. These shareable moments ultimately get more people involved in your star dedication, helping create memories that last a lifetime.

If you're looking for a special way to honor a friend or family member, you might consider star dedication. This entire experience is easy to carry out, and it comes with so many benefits for the recipient and the sender. All you need to do is select a star, and the rest is history.